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BRIGHT FUTURES TOOL FOR PROFESSIONALS I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R U S E Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Teacher Rating Scale INSTRUCTIONS AND SCORING Behaviors are counted if they are scored 2 (often)
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welcome everybody to this edition of attention talk video I'm a host attention coach Jeff copper here today with his alan brown badd crusher Alan welcome to the show thanks Jeff great to be here um I've heard you say before in coaching it's all about the pause but you said some one time pausing is a higher form of consciousness can you tell me about your perspective on that well we know that the pause is key for executive function and the inability to pause is one of the problems that eighty dears encounter in which creates big problems and relatively few relatively low percentage of people on this planet actually have metacognition which is that they can think about their thoughts and so therefore those who can think about pausing their thoughts and pausing themselves are actually in a higher level of consciousness because they're not just operate operating on that autopilot so that's what I mean when I say that what how do you stop and pause well I don't always and few of us really do but I have a trick for causing the pause and first I'll just say think about what forgetting to pause or failing to pause does it results in that thing that you said that you really wish you hadn't said it results and maybe that speeding ticket it results in the closing of your car door just before you realize that your keys were still in it things like that this is the power of the pause and so what I use as a way to externally remind me to pause because the reminder is not always going to come from within is whenever I enter or exit something so for instance if I'm about to enter into a conversation like your do I pause I think about what we're going to be talking about i think about who i am and who I need to be instead of for this conversation if I enter into a conversation that's more of more of a social nature I might pause before that party is a good place to pause but also when I'm exiting my truck when I get out of my truck you should see me it's funny I get out of my truck and I'll just stand there cuz I'm exiting the truck and I'll just stand there and I'll do my padding up the key to my hands Monica okay and only then do I close my door because I'm scared to death I'm going to lock my keys in my car so I make sure I pause and guess what I never locked my keys in my car never and I don't lose stuff honestly Alan I've known you for a long time and I do a lot of coaching around the pause but it's interesting I never thought of building in the habit of the pause I like to help people understand how they work and if you naturally understand how you work and you begin to recognize you'll catch yourself like many with a DD will have a tendency to talk out loud everybody's always said you know you're babbling are you know you're going on but they never realized they were thinking out loud and that awareness many times catches them they go oh my god I'm...